Nestled just across the street from McCarren Park,
where Williamsburg meets Greenpoint,

868 Lorimer is surrounded by an eclectic blend of restaurants, bars, cafes, and shops.
It is close to both the L and the G subway lines, and is only a short walk to the East River Ferry. 


Cradled by the flowing arms of the East River and Newton Creek, Greenpoint is Brooklyn’s northernmost neighborhood and, because of its charm and breathtaking views of Manhattan, has long been one of its best kept secrets. And while it has gained recent fame for being the setting/filming location of popular shows like Girls and Boardwalk Empire, Greenpoint has a richly diverse history of its own. It once served as an encampment for the British Army during the American Revolution, and was the location where the assembly of the USS Monitor—the Union’s first ironclad vessel of the American Civil War—took place. Throughout the 19th century and the early parts of the 20th it remained a shipbuilding and manufacturing hub. After WWII, however, its industrial flame died down. What remained was a thriving, predominantly Polish immigrant community that eventually became known as Little Poland. 

Today, Greenpoint is a neighborhood experiencing the frictions of change, and is finding its way as it attempts balance an influx of new residents—like crowd-funding darling, Kickstarter—and development with the community-oriented, sleepy-town vibe it is known for. But unlike its more prominent cousin to the south, Greenpoint is taking its time to adapt. Because of this, an eclectic mix of old and new are imbuing the present neighborhood with character and flare, and this is a boon for long-time locals and newcomers alike. Manhattan Avenue, the neighborhood’s main strip of activity, boasts an impressive array of restaurants, bars, and shops that include Brooklyn legends like Peter Pan Donuts & Pastry Shop, a bakery that first opened over 62 years ago, and haute cuisine disciples like Luksus, a New American establishment hidden within an upscale beerhall called Torst. Acme Smoked Fish, a purveyor of items liked smoked salmon and pickled herring since 1954, sits only a few blocks removed and Glasserie, a critically-acclaimed restaurant featuring a Mediterranean-inspired menu, has taken up residence in an old glass factory at the very edge of the borough. And, of course, the neighborhood is still anchored by a multitude of Polish eateries, places like Christina’s and Karczma.

With high-rated public schools, a vibrant, community-driven atmosphere, and the prospect of future growth, Greenpoint is a neighborhood on the rise, and is perfect for young families and couples looking for a place that feels like home. Public transportation that serve the neighborhood include the G subway line, and the B24/B32/B43/B48/B62 bus lines.